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The Clearing is not your typical rehab. We created our program from the ground up to be a dramatically different experience. We focus on the underlying core issues that cause addiction and other mental and emotional disorders. 

Here are just a few of the features that set us apart:

• Immersive 28-day program
• Start and finish as a group of just 10 participants
• Non-12 Step, evidence-based approach
• Specialization in Dual Diagnosis
• Over 120 Hours of individualized therapy
• Private room and bath
• Participant-reported success rate of > 80%
• B&B-like setting on beautiful San Juan Island, WA

The Clearing is an innovative residential treatment program focused on addressing the underlying core issues which fuel substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other challenges to our mental health. Our program is dual diagnosis and an alternative to the 12-Steps.

We don't care whether it's alcohol, opiates / opioids, benzos, meth, pain killers, cocaine, or some combination of these or other addictive behaviors. Because we know that's not the problem.

Recovery takes on a whole new meaning here. You’ll depart our program with authentic empowerment, clarity, freedom from the bonds of addiction and other debilitating challenges with mastery of the tools and strategies to achieve the life you want.

We focus on the underlying core issues that cause addiction, depression, anger, sadness, self-loathing, hopelessness, and more. With core issues healed, you‘ll eliminate the the need for substances to cope. You’ll be amazed with how simple, powerful, intellectually engaging and transformative this work is for you.

We take an entirely different approach by identifying, addressing and healing issues at their core. Participants join in a group for an immersive 28-day program in an extraordinary recovery center located on beautiful San Juan Island, Washington.

Together, we work with people who want to transform and save their lives. Our gentle yet profound body of work will lead to authentic healing of the issues causing life to feel overwhelming. 

We are not a camp, and we don’t have a pool or volleyball courts – but we do have a challenging and powerful program that has shown amazingly high success rates. Come ready to alter your life.

Call us to discuss your personal situation: (425)-318-8843

The Clearing Reviews

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Services Offered

  • Addiction Rehab
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Drug addiction treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Long-term Inpatient Rehab
  • Men
  • Private health insurance
  • Self payment
  • Seniors/older adults
  • Short-term Inpatient Rehab
  • Women
  • 28-day program
  • Non-12 Step
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Individualized therapy
  • Private room
  • Participant-reported success rate of more than 80%
  • B-and-B-like setting

The Clearing

2687 West Valley Road

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

(425) 318-8843


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"J.B." (Reviewer)

The Clearing Changed My + My Loved Ones Lives!

I was a participant in The Clearing's 28-day program after watching the transformative process of a close family member graduate from the same program. Having gone through a tough season of change in my own life, and a lifelong struggle with mental health, the healing and the tools that accompanied the program were invaluable.

With the help of The Clearing's incredibly compassionate and wise counselors and staff, I was able to work down to the core of my upsets and begin healing in a way that I can only explain as powerful and life-altering. The attention to detail on the estate's property allowed for a peaceful, safe and comfortable space to learn and grow, without distraction from the important work at hand. I will forever hold The Clearing and Friday Harbor as a place of transformative love and growth-a place where I was able to start my life as a better, stronger, more authentic version of me.

As a real-life success story, as well as a loved-one to multiple graduates of the program, witnessing the life-altering effects peripherally, I will continue to send anyone, whether they're managing substance abuse, depression, anxiety or simply a desire for a more rich, full, beautiful life, to this program.

2-22-19 | 09:42 AM