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The key is to create awareness about this because drugs and alcohol can be very deadly.

Turns Out Your Facebook Addiction Is Real

“Social media obsession” has a very real, very disconcerting effect on our lives. It’s an addiction that constantly threatens to undo just as many relationships and responsibilities as any drug or drink could.

I’m a Woman With a Male Therapist and It Rocks

I imagine the feeling I received from my male therapist’s reassurance is similar to what a dude experiences when he gets a lap dance. Sure, he’s paying the girl for the whole thing, just like I was paying Kaiser to pay for my session, but it still seemed like he really cared about me as a person.

How A Recovering Addict Handles Cohabitation

I met a woman who was also in recovery, our lives were similar and before I knew it we were in a relationship. Segue to four years later and we’re talking about that scary “M” word. You know, move in together.

Suboxone and Kids Don't Mix

A toddler in Massachusetts was rushed to the hospital recently for accidentally ingesting Suboxone. Thankfully she’s okay but the incident brings up another issue

Photography is Helping Me Stay Sober

Thinking about taking a photograph made me feel sane. If I play my cards right, I can get my Associates Degree in Photography in a year. I hope it will help me recapture that calm feeling I had in the desert and keep me grounded.

Falling in Love with AA

AA does not suck. In fact, quite the opposite, it’s helping me. It’s taken me some time to realize this, because four and a half years down the road, I have gradually become more open and willing.

What's the Right Age to Get Sober?

I think there is a huge misconception that if you successfully make it to a certain age then you are exempt from being an alcoholic. But as my alcoholism progressed so did the unmanageability. There came a point that there was no going back to the way I once drank.

Facing My Fears in Recovery

My windows make me feel like I am an inmate who is serving time in a home detention program. Just give me an ankle bracelet, an orange jumpsuit and I am all set. Perhaps this bad Feng Shui is the cause of my fear!

The Sad Side of Sponsorship

I felt a little high and mighty when I walked into the rooms, kind of like I was Super Sponsor Woman. I thought, Wow! I must be transmitting something that these women want

My Sober Exodus out of the Mojave

Recently, weird events started to happen, not only making the Mojave hostile to the future of my avocado seed, but hostile to my sobriety.

Checking My Pride in Recovery

My pride has always been a problem. When I was drinking, it was completely out of control. So when I got sober, I fully expected the whole pride thing to evaporate.

Astrology and Addiction

Now that I have been sober for more than four years, I have found more enlightenment from being in a 12-step program than I do in the stars. Astrology is interesting, but there are so many gray areas in a natal chart, as well as contradictory predictions.

My Three Dealers

I went through three different cocaine dealers before going finally going to rehab...and seeing one of them there.

Playing Victim to My Destruction

Being judgmental was second nature, mainly because I was insecure and empty all the time. And you could fill the Grand Canyon with the number of grievances I had against the universe.

The Secret of My (Lack of) Success

I can’t explain the black relief that came from not turning work in on time, skipping appointments, or ignoring obligations. I could handle regret far better than success.

Trying To Find My Recovery Chi

I know I feel the most serene when I'm not trying so hard to be calm but still get caught up in the quest for zen through yoga in sobriety.

Why We Love Seeing Alcoholics in Pop Culture

No film or TV show gets alcoholism exactly right—the joyless drinking, the isolation, the dread and self-delusion—but maybe that’s fitting, since drinking and recovery are so messy and imperfect. One afternoon in early sobriety, I found myself rooting for Bruce Willis in some second-rate thriller strictly because his character was hungover.

Running Gave My Recovery a Shot in the Arm

Vigorous exercise releases natural painkillers called endorphins into our body. I guess this explains why I feel so good after a run. That flood of relief takes me back to early sobriety. Many nights I wanted to give up and drink, but I pushed through instead. The next morning, I’d wake up feeling refreshed and relieved.

There's Nothing Wrong with Breaking My Anonymity

Being open about my recovery is a double-edged sword. While I’m comfortable putting uncomfortable truths about my past out there, plenty of people would rather I just kept them to myself.

Making Friends with My Anxiety

In some ways, dealing with anxiety is the same as thinking through that first drink. It might be kind of fun, or cathartic, or just habitual, to freak out, but the cost is high. Truly, though, sometimes anxiety cannot be dealt with simply by “thinking through it.”

Suboxone Without Therapy? Tennessee Says No No No

Tennessee is overrun with Suboxone clinics but the Mental Health Commission is concerned not enough of these facilities provide proper talk therapy to supplement the medication-assisted treatment.