Aetna Rehab and Compulsive Gambling Treatment

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Aetna Rehab and Compulsive Gambling

Are you or a loved one struggling with compulsive gambling? If so, inpatient rehab can help. Compulsive gambling is characterized by an uncontrollable need to gamble, even when doing so jeopardizes an individual’s financial security, career, and personal relationships. When someone is addicted to gambling, they are unable to stop engaging in this risky behavior despite the serious consequence to their personal life. The rush of gambling and the thrill of betting on the unknown activate the brain’s reward system in much the same way that substances like drugs and alcohol do. Individuals who are compulsive gamblers are unable to stop, even as they accumulate debt, alienate friends and family, and risk financial ruin. If you or a loved one cannot stop gambling, compulsive gambling treatment may be able to help. Aetna health insurance can help make this treatment more affordable.

What compulsive gambling treatment does Aetna cover?

Aetna health insurance provides coverage for addiction treatment and mental health disorders, including compulsive gambling. The cost of your treatment will depend on the type of insurance that you hold. For example, if you have a low monthly premium, you may have a larger coinsurance, copayment or deductible. Conversely, plans with higher monthly premiums may mean that the cost for coinsurance, copayments and deductibles may be lower. For details on your specific Aetna plan and coverage costs for compulsive gambling treatment, talk with a plan administrator or addiction specialist.

Compulsive gambling – like any addiction – is a chronic disease that cannot be “cured” over night. The right inpatient treatment program will help you or a loved one take the necessary steps to detox from the “high” of gambling and address this compulsive behavior. Treatment options may include antidepressants, mood stabilizers and self-help groups. After completing inpatient treatment, you or a loved one may benefit from attending a self-help group and working with a sponsor. Aetna may cover continuing care treatment for compulsive gambling; talk to a benefits specialist about which treatment programs are covered.

Getting help for gambling addiction can seem like a scary and overwhelming process, but it does not have to be. Knowing that your Aetna health insurance will cover some of the costs associated with treatment makes it easier to afford necessary care. Compulsive gambling is a serious condition that can destroy lives. With the right treatment and support, you or a loved one can take the first step to recovery.