PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

Addiction to the Internet is becoming increasingly common as the web is more accessible in our everyday lives. From work to school to social connectivity, the Internet is now part of everything we do. Unfortunately for many people there is the issue of becoming addicted to the use of the Internet. In order to remedy the physical and social problems associated with Internet addiction, inpatient detox and rehab is the professional solution.

Physical Symptoms of Internet Addiction

When you are on the Internet, think about your physical presence. Chances are you are sitting in one place, not moving much more than your fingers as you click on new pages and links. According to Psych Guides the long term use of the web as related to Internet addiction causes the following physical symptoms:

  • Your neck and back aches from sitting in one position, leaning over a computer screen or device while using the Internet.
  • Your wrists and hands hurt from using the keyboard and mouse repetitively, which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • You may experience weight gain or weight loss depending on how your Internet use is affecting your ability to maintain a healthy diet.
  • You can experience blurred vision as related to staring at an alit screen for long periods of time.
  • You are getting headaches as associated with the strain on your neck, back and eyes due to overuse of devices or computers.
  • You aren’t getting enough sleep because of the amount of time you are spending on the Internet, and the sleep you are getting is disturbed due to too much screen time.

Getting into inpatient treatment for Internet addiction will help you solve a lot of associated problems in your life. Whether your addiction is affecting your ability to socialize with others, or it is causing problems with your job, detox and rehab can help you. 

Treatment and Recovery from Internet Addiction

Once you go into a detox program for Internet addiction you begin to wean your body and brain off of the stimulation associated with the use of the web. Subsequently when you go into an inpatient treatment program you are taught new coping skills and behaviors that will give you new ways of stimulating and entertaining yourself without the use of the web. This will help you achieve a long and successful recovery. Keep in mind that your recovery depends on your ability to maintain healthy life skills post rehab. Thanks to the application of the techniques you develop during treatment your recovery will prove to be successful for many years to come.