PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage

Excessive drinking excites the nervous system and over time, the body will become dependent on alcohol. When dependency occurs, the sudden absence of alcohol can lead to a condition known as “alcohol withdrawal syndrome” (AWS). People who are addicted to alcohol are unable to stop drinking and, if they do discontinue alcohol use, they require medically supervised detox to manage the serious withdrawal symptoms. Health insurance coverage through PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) can help make alcohol detox and inpatient rehab more affordable.

What is Alcohol Detox and Why is it Necessary?

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome symptoms include tremors, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, headache, sweating, insomnia, and increased heart rate. These symptoms can worse over several days and may persist for weeks. Extreme cases of alcohol withdrawal, known as delirium tremens, include fever, seizures, tactile hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and visual hallucinations. Medically supervised alcohol detox is a safe way to manage the withdrawal process and avoid serious symptoms and extreme side effects. In severe cases of alcohol withdrawal/delirium tremens, hospitalization may be necessary. In some cases, sedatives may be prescribed to manage the withdrawal symptoms. Following detoxification, additional medications and supplements may be necessary to treat any complications or nutritional deficiencies that have occurred as a result of alcohol abuse.

Does PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Cover Alcohol Detox?

Insurance through PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) includes coverage for medical detoxification – including hospitalization, if deemed medically necessary – inpatient treatment and rehab. Insurance coverage may also help defer the cost for certain prescription medications associated with the detoxification process. The specific cost for treatment can vary between patients depending on their type of insurance coverage. For example, if you have a PMCS plan with high monthly premiums, you may have a lower out-of-pocket cost, coinsurance, copayment or deductible to meet. If your plan has a low monthly premium, you may have to pay more out-of-pocket for treatment. Regardless of your monthly premium rate, you can help lower the cost of detoxification care by selecting an in-network treatment program. In-network programs typically have more favorable rates that have been negotiated by the insurance company on your behalf.

Quitting alcohol is extremely difficult, especially when attempting to face withdrawal symptoms without medical support. The right detox program can help you or a loved one take the first step to recovery. For more information on PMCS insurance coverage for alcohol detox, talk to a benefits coordinator today.