PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange) Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange) Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

Video game addiction is as powerful as drug addiction. This form of addiction comes with symptoms and behaviors that are equally as dangerous. Individuals struggling with addiction to video gaming need to seek help in the form of rehab. Through inpatient care an individual can get to the root of their addiction to gaming so that they are capable of making a full recovery.

Dealing with Video Game Addiction

As with any addiction, video game addicts turn to this method of entertainment and stimulation when other areas of their life are not measuring up. As noted by WebMD video gamers become overly invested in the world of video games as a way to escape their reality. Just as with drugs and substance abuse, video games provide a way to avoid reality and feel better through immediate gratification. Therefore in order to help someone who is addicted to video gaming they need to go through a treatment process that is similar to someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Treating Gaming Addicts

Inpatient rehab offers the most immediate and quickest treatment for video game addiction. By being in a residential treatment facility with detox, 24/7 care and recovery programs, a video game addict gets the help they need in an intensive environment. The lure to play video games is overcome due to being in a new living facility where gaming is not an option. Furthermore, through mental health programs including therapy and group activities, video game addicts can find new ways to cope with life’s stresses. 

Finding Help as an Addict

Under any treatment program for an addiction the ultimate goal is recovery. This is the same with a video game addiction. However, instead of changing one’s behaviors so they are not ingesting harmful chemicals, video game rehab provides individuals with life skills. These skills allow them to cope with past abuse or trauma that might be the cause of video game addiction. Additionally these skills provide the addicted individual with new methods and techniques for stress management and personal enjoyment. For those individuals who successfully complete a treatment program at an inpatient rehab facility, the ultimate prize is a long and healthy life free of an addiction to activities such as playing video games in order to feel complete and happy. They are given a new lease on life along with the tools they need to be happy without the use of gaming.