PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange) Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange) Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

If you are struggling with being unable to cope without the use of the Internet, you are far from alone. Millions of individuals all over the world are having a difficult time establishing personal boundaries with the web. As this is a relatively new technology, the treatment opportunities are in their earliest stages. Getting treatment for Internet addiction involves a similar process to drug addiction, and the results are equally as impressive. 

Going to Rehab for Internet Addiction

Rehab facilities across the US are working to create programs that aid in the treatment and recovery of Internet addiction. One such program is at the Bradford Regional Medical Center where the first digital device treatment program was established in the US. This is an inpatient rehab program that is open to adults age 18 and over. Adults enter the rehab facility as an inpatient and stay for 10 days. During this period individuals go through therapy and counseling in order to find the root cause of their dependency on the Internet. This information is vital to making headway in their recovery from Internet addiction.

Reasons for Internet Addiction

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that it offers 24/7 access. This means you can find anything you want online at any time. Whether you are searching for a sense of community, social engagement, video gaming, pornography, or a constant source of information, you can get it on the Internet no matter where you are and the time of day. That ease of accessibility is encouraged by all of our web-ready devices from our smartphones to our eReaders and watches. If you can connect to Wi-Fi with your device, whether you are at church, the office, in school or in your bedroom, you can get online. This makes it extremely difficult for people to disconnect and break free of Internet addiction.

Treating Internet Addiction

Through the use of inpatient treatment services including detox you are completely disconnected from the ability to log onto the net. This gives you a forced break from the Internet, during which time you are treated with therapy and group programs that help you to realize why you are so turned on by the Internet. Once you detox you can figure out why you are depending on the Internet for your happiness and stimulation, i.e. you are avoiding reality or you have difficulty meeting new people. Next you can gain the tools you need to make the changes in your life that will end your addiction to the Internet, while you experience the joys of recovery.