OptumHealth Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

OptumHealth Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

While playing a video game is not necessarily a problem for many individuals, it can become problematic when a loved one shows signs of excessive gaming. A video game addiction refers to abnormal gaming behaviors and it requires appropriate treatment. By entering an inpatient rehab program and going through a period of detox, a loved one learns healthier behavior patterns and can seek solutions for long-term goals.

What is Video Game Addiction?

A video game addiction refers to compulsive gaming behaviors. An individual develops abnormal compulsions to play video games and goes through a period of withdrawal when he or she no longer plays a game for a set amount of time. By going through a detox program and working on altering personal behaviors, an individual reduces the risk of long-term complications and learns healthier ways to cope with stress or problems in a personal lifestyle.

The dangers of a video game addiction include:

  • Lack of exercise and poor health due to the limited exercise
  • A risk of blood clots due to staying in the same position for extended periods
  • Poor relationships with loved ones
  • Limited or few friendships
  • Poor management of personal time
  • Poor grades in school or performance at work

Excessive gaming behavior increases the risk of abnormal actions. By entering an inpatient rehab program and working on recovery from the inappropriate behavior, an individual has the tools to make better decisions about his or her lifestyle.

Coverage From OptumHealth

OptumHealth rehab and detox coverage for behavioral health concerns allows a loved one to seek treatment for his or her poor behavior. The coverage allows individuals to seek treatment in a detox and inpatient rehab program as long as the facility works with the insurance provider.

Essentially, the detox and rehab coverage focuses on addressing poor behavioral patterns and allows the individual to work on improving his or her situation. The coverage works with several medical professionals and rehab facilities so that an individual has a variety of tools to address a video game addiction and start working on realistic solutions for long-term goals.

Recovering From Addiction

Entering an inpatient rehab facility allows an individual to focus on removing the source of an addiction and changing a personal environment. Although video game addictions do not stem from substance abuse, it still alters the way that an individual behaves and requires appropriate treatment to address the underlying cause of the abnormal behavior.