OptumHealth Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

OptumHealth Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage

Developing a healthy relationship with a significant other often results in sexual behaviors. Unfortunately, a sex addiction harms the relationship because an individual engages in unsafe and potentially detrimental sexual behaviors. When a loved one shows signs of a sexual addiction or abnormal sexual behaviors, he or she might need treatment for long-term recovery goals. Fortunately, OptumHealth covers behavioral concerns and allows an individual to enter an inpatient rehab program and detox from the behavior before working on positive changes.

Coverage for Sex Addiction

A sexual addiction refers to a compulsive sexual behavior that causes strife or problems. Since certain types of sexual addictions victimize others, such as exhibitionism, an individual must enter an inpatient rehab program and work on the underlying causes of the behavior. 

OptumHealth offers coverage for behavioral health concerns, including compulsive sexual behaviors, because individuals take risks with their health and well-being when they engage in the activities. The coverage allows individuals to seek inpatient treatment or to work with professionals in an out-patient rehab facility so that they can address the situation and make changes to personal behaviors. Generally, the coverage focuses on behavior modification and similar solutions that help with long-term goals.

Risks of Sexual Addictions

Compulsive sexual behaviors increase the risk of health concerns because an individual engages in high-risk actions. For example, an individual can engage in sexual behaviors with multiple partners and does not always take measures to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. 

Possible concerns associated with compulsive sexual behavior include:

  • Contracting a sexually transmitted disease
  • Developing an infection
  • Poor relationships with others
  • Damage to a marriage, relationships with parents or other types of close relationships
  • Inappropriate behaviors in different settings, which can lead to a job loss or similar problems
  • Fixations on sexual behaviors that lead to exclusions of healthier activities and behaviors

When a loved one shows signs of a sexual addiction, he or she needs professional help to detox and recover from the situation. An inpatient rehab program allows individuals to detox from the behavior in a safe environment while also teaching an individual healthier ways to handle different situations. 

Making Positive Changes

Sexual addictions harm an individual's health and relationships. By entering an inpatient rehab facility and working on a detox plan that helps with long-term goals, a loved one can focus on improving his or her situation. The key to finding the right rehab facility and detox program is working with OptumHealth to compare different options.