OptumHealth Rehab and Eating Disorder Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

OptumHealth Rehab and Eating Disorder Coverage

Getting treatment for eating disorders can be intimidating and expensive. But, current health care laws make it easier than ever to assure that you or your loved one can get the care needed to return to full wellness.

Under the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance policies must offer mental health treatment coverage, such as rehab for eating disorders. This coverage can help pay for expenses like the intensive detox phase of eating disorder rehab, as well a follow up treatment for the individual.

Often, insurance policies will cover only a portion of the cost of treatment. There is usually a copay that must be met, after which a portion of your recovery costs will be paid by insurance. When you are covered by a high deductible plan, this can mean that the out of pocket costs can be high, especially for cost intensive inpatient care.

But, high deductible insurance plans that come with an HSA can help you defray many of the costs of treatment. Many of your recovery costs can be paid out of your HSA. This can be especially helpful if the treatment center you choose is not one covered by your insurance.

What can an HSA account be used for?

Health savings accounts like your OptumHealth account are tax-advantages accounts that are used specifically for healthcare related costs. There are a number of restrictions on what can be considered a covered cost. However, the money in your HSA account can be used for more things that you may have thought.

You can use your HSA account to pay for any copay on inpatient or outpatient care. This can include hospitalization if it is needed to stabilize a patient who suffers from an eating disorder, as well as treatment after he or she is released from the hospital.

In many cases, transportation for healthcare is a permissible expense. Trips in ambulances are always covered. If the person to be treated has mobility issues, trips in cabs or shuttles to get to treatment may also be covered. Make sure that you document all appointments and the costs for transportation so that you have them come tax time.

Prescription medications and many over the counter medications prescribed by a doctor can be paid for from a health savings account. As with all other expenses, make sure you keep a record.