Beech Street Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Beech Street Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

They're just games, right? Video games can be a harmless pastime for some, but for others, they are a dangerous addiction as powerful as the drive towards drugs or alcohol. When video game involvement becomes unhealthy, treatment may be necessary to get your life back in balance.

Signs of Video Game Addiction

There are a number of signs that can indicate an unhealthy obsession with video games:

  • Preoccupation with games. The sufferer may find that he or she is thinking about games even when not playing.
  • Withdrawal symptoms. The individual will exhibit irritability, anxiety, anger or other negative emotions when unable to log in and play.
  • Cessation of other interests. Video games take over time usually spent with family, romantic partners, at school or at work.
  • Tolerance. The gamer will find that he or she spends more and more time playing, picks out more exciting and immersive games, spends more and more on consoles and accessories.

Detox and Treatment of Video Game Addiction

Treatment for video game addiction is handled in the same way as other addictions. At the beginning of recovery, there will be a detox period. During that time, which can be spent in an inpatient or outpatient facility, the individual will abstain completely from video games and any activities that would trigger abuse. Often, it is necessary to limit the use of computers, phones and tablets.

Group and individual therapy can be used during treatment to help get to the root of the addiction. Often, there are underlying issues that cause people to turn to video games. By identifying these issues, the rehab workers can help the individual form healthier habits.

After detox and rehab, people who suffer from video game addiction will have to learn how to manage their addiction in day to day life. It is difficult or impossible to live without interacting with computers. During treatment, people with video game addiction learn responsible ways to manage computer use.

Treatment for video game addiction can be covered by insurance as part of mental health coverage. If you are unsure of your plan's benefits, ask them what sorts of mental health and addiction recovery is available in your plan.