Beech Street Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Beech Street Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage

When searching for rehab for sex addiction, you are looking for more than just a program or facility that offers this type of treatment. According to PsychCentral, the truth is a person who is suffering from sex addiction is likely struggling with a dual diagnosis. As a result, treating sex addiction involves determining any underlying mental disorders, as well as possible substance abuse, that would affect their recovery from sex addiction.

Dual Diagnoses for Sex Addiction

PsychCentral explores the different avenues that relate to sex addiction. For starters individuals who are struggling with sex addiction are likely to be bipolar, using sex to fuel their mania stages. If a person is bipolar then the sex addiction is only a byproduct of their disorder, and this mental illness must be treated first and foremost. Another common scenario is for substance abusers to use sex addiction to chase the high they are missing from substance use. Sex becomes a filler for the replacement of drugs when substances are unavailable. Those with addictions to stimulants are more likely to use sex as a substitute high.

Inpatient Treatment for a Dual Diagnosis

In order to treat individuals with dual diagnoses involving substance use, the individual must first go through a detox program to get off of the drugs or alcohol safely. The detox program should be medically supervised in an inpatient treatment facility to ensure the greatest rate of success in recovery. This must occur prior to the treatment of sex addiction.  Once the individual is sober they will be in the proper place, mentally and physically, to begin working on treating their addiction to sex. For a dual diagnosis it is important that the individual receive treatment for all possible addictions and mental issues in order for their recovery to be long lasting and successful.

Helping Partners of Sex Addicts

A person who is addicted to sex is likely to have a partner with whom they are engaged in sexual activity. If the sex addict expects to maintain their recovery after going through inpatient rehab for sex addiction they must involve their partner in the process. Typically, the partner is being used as an enabler, but in some instances the partner might also be diagnosed as a sex addict. Just as with treating drug and alcohol addiction, all afflicted persons in the situation must be free of addiction. Otherwise the recovering sex addict will be exposed to their old lifestyle, which will trigger relapse.