Beech Street Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Beech Street Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

If you struggle with staying off of Facebook, you check your email first thing in the morning, you cannot eat a meal without Googling something, and you must have Wi-Fi service wherever you are, then you might have an addiction. Being addicted to the Internet is a modern day addiction, but it is just as harmful and devastating to those who are affected. As with addictions to drugs and alcohol, going to inpatient treatment via rehab is the first line of recovery.

Defining Internet Addiction 

According to The Atlantic, using the Internet releases dopamine in the brain, and this stimulates the pleasure seeking system. You get a rush of excitement or happiness when you go online, and your brain is triggered to want to repeat this behavior. Since Internet use is so easy to do, and widely accessible, it’s hardly an issue to log onto the web and stimulate your senses. That is exactly the problem. Our brains become obsessed with this pleasure seeking behavior, which in turn leads to addiction to the Internet. 

Detoxification Process for Internet Addiction

As with any addiction, the first line of defense is to go through detox. During the detox phase of Internet addiction you are cut off from connecting to the web. Just as with an addiction to cocaine or pornography, you are likely to go through withdrawals as your brain tries to get your body to stimulate itself through going online. Once your brain has accepted that you will not be logging in any time soon the treatment process can begin. 

Treating an Internet Addiction

In order to achieve the best results through rehab you want to get into an inpatient program. This involves staying in a rehab center 24/7 so that you are constantly monitored and assisted during the treatment process. Otherwise the lure to log in can be too great and easy to accommodate, jeopardizing your recovery success. If you are committed to getting the help you need, inpatient programs are your best solution.

Long Term Recovery

Once you have completed a program for treating your addiction to the Internet you will need to maintain your sobriety. This can seem difficult when the Internet is so engrained in every fiber of our lives. Getting the coping skills that you need so you are no longer dependent on the Internet for excitement and stimulation is key to your recovery. This is what you will gain through going into a rehab program.