Amerinet Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Amerinet Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

When you think of addiction, you probably think of drugs or alcohol—perhaps even gambling. However, there are other addictions too, and thankfully for those who are suffering, they are beginning to get the attention they deserve as well. Now, there are both inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab options for those who are suffering from video game addiction. 

Many doctors and medical practitioners are beginning to see that video game addiction can be debilitating for people. While this often affects teens and young adults, it is an addiction that strikes people of all ages, genders and across all economic levels. As such, offering treatment for these situations is crucial—if the patient is ever to “detox” from game playing.

Insurance Can Stand in the Way
Unfortunately, since the concept of video game addiction is a new one, many insurance companies are not yet offering coverage for the treatment. This means that those who need help on their road to recovery may feel like they are on the road alone. Luckily, Amerinet is helping hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities work with today’s healthcare system to offer more programs and make them available for more patients.

Amerinet is a “healthcare solutions organization”. A healthcare solutions organization is a company that provides expertise in regards to understudied areas (such as video game rehab) to facilities. What this means for the patient is that if coverage is not available for certain types of video game addiction treatment (like inpatient detox) today, it may be available in a short time.

For now, those who are dealing with the problems that an addiction to video games can cause should speak with an addiction specialist about what types of treatments ARE available. The good thing is that video game addiction detox or other treatment options may already qualify for coverage under some healthcare plans, and if it does not, there may be other solutions.

Addiction to video games, just like drugs or alcohol, is not something you should ever have to face alone. Make sure you find help with a local doctor who can refer you to a treatment specialist in your area. There is hope and recovery may be closer than you ever imagined it could be.