Amerinet Rehab and Heroin Detox Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Amerinet Rehab and Heroin Detox Coverage

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 1.8 percent of the population ages 12 and older will try heroin at least once in their lifetimes. This powerful drug has strong addictive properties, and many of those who try it for the first time will find themselves addicted. Breaking heroin addiction is not easy, and it typically requires time in an inpatient rehab facility to fully detox from the drug's affects. To ensure that you have the best possible chance of recovery, you will need to find a facility offering this treatment.


Understanding the Costs of Heroin Detox


The cost of detox for heroin addiction is going to vary depending on the type of treatment chosen and the length of treatment. Common factors that affect the cost of treatment include:


  • Whether you have inpatient or outpatient treatment
  • The length of treatment required
  • The type of facility and whether luxury treatment services are offered


If you have private insurance, you may be able to get coverage for your treatment based on the terms of your coverage. Most insurance providers offer addiction treatment through the behavioral health coverage.


Lowering the Cost of Heroin Treatment


For those with private insurance, some types of treatment will not be covered. For example, luxury or executive treatment facilities, which offer additional amenities beyond the medical care and counseling necessary to break free from addiction, may not be covered by traditional insurance. Also, your insurance company may not cover out-of-state treatments.


One way to lower the cost of your rehab is to choose an Amerinet partner facility. Amerinet offers hospitals and inpatient rehab facilities services they can use to help lower their costs, and pass those savings on to their patients. If you or someone you love is in need of inpatient rehab, you may be able to lower the cost by choosing an Amerinet facility. While Amerinet is not insurance, it can provide a way to lower the costs of your treatments by helping the facility cut its costs to provide that treatment.


If you find that your insurance does not cover the rehab you have chosen, ask the facility about payment plans to help you afford your treatments. Whether at a rehab facility covered by insurance or an Amerinet rehab facility, the most important thing to do when struggling with Heroin addiction is to find a detox program that meets your need and matches your lifestyle, so you can get the care you need to finally be free from the struggle of addiction.