Amerinet Rehab and Eating Disorder Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Amerinet Rehab and Eating Disorder Coverage

Eating disorders impact individuals in many different age groups. When a loved one shows signs of an eating disorder, he or she will need treatment in an inpatient rehab program. By entering a detox facility and working on recovery goals, a loved one learns healthy behaviors and can identify the underlying causes of his or her behaviors. The key to finding the right rehab program is working with an insurance provider to cover the costs of treatment.

Amerinet Coverage

As a Group Purchasing Organization, or a GPO, Amerinet sets up a program that works with the needs of a group rather than an individual. As a result, the coverage available for inpatient rehab treatment will vary significantly based on the situation and the local area. In most cases, the coverage allows individuals to seek treatment in an appropriate medical program.

Since an eating disorder can stem from multiple factors and causes, an individual will need treatment in an inpatient facility before working on recovery goals. Inpatient treatments allow an individual to focus on the reasons he or she behaves in an unhealthy and potentially dangerous way.

Dangers of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders take several forms, including binge eating, starvation or a combination of both disorders. Some individuals binge and then purge the system to prevent the body from absorbing nutrients and calories.

The factors that commonly apply to most eating disorders include:

  • Seeing the body as larger than the actual size
  • Attempting to control life through a strict diet
  • Developing a fear of gaining weight
  • Unhealthy or potentially dangerous eating habits

While the exact dangers associated with an eating disorder depend on the specific ways that an individual behaves, any eating disorder increases the risk of certain health concerns. Binging and purging or starvation are particularly dangerous to personal health and require inpatient detox and rehab to prevent the individual from facing severe consequences. By entering an inpatient program, a loved one has the tools to start making positive changes.

Treating an Eating Disorder

Amerinet policies allow an individual to seek inpatient rehab for an unhealthy eating disorder, but the details in any policy vary. By working with an insurance provider, an individual can focus on rehab and recovery while addressing the underlying factors that contribute to unhealthy eating behaviors. The rehab program works on improving a loved one's diet and helping him or her obtain a healthy weight.