Aetna Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Aetna Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

For most people, playing video games is simply a form of entertainment. The games don’t interfere with their lives or impact their relationships in a negative way. It is just harmless fun. There are some though whose desire for video games crosses a line and that desire becomes an addiction.

Video game addiction is a fairly new diagnosis and hasn’t been recognized by doctors and experts long, but its effects can be just as devastating as other forms of addiction. Classified as an impulse control disorder, video game addiction is finding its way into recovery and treatment facilities. Many insurance companies, like Aetna, are stepping up to provide certain types of coverage that may address this unusual type of rehab that, unfortunately, is becoming all too common.

Treatment options for video game addiction.

Video addiction is actually a symptom of a deeper, compulsive behavior that compels the addiction. Treatment delves into that compulsive behavior and addresses the addiction on that level. Types of treatment may include medication, counseling, biofeedback, support groups, and behavioral modification therapy. These are designed to help the individual better understand what is causing the addiction and become better equipped to manage it on their own.

Many times a person who is battling a video game addiction will have co-occurring mental health conditions like ADD/ADHD, depression, or OCD. According to numerous studies, patients who present with co-occurring mental health conditions respond best when both conditions are treated simultaneously.

This means that when a patient enters rehab for video game addiction, he or she will also be treated for their depression, anxiety, or other mental health condition at the same time. The will enter the treatment facility on either an inpatient or outpatient basis and undergo detox and rehab as they begin their journey to recovery.

Addictive behavior can be devastating and has the potential to interfere with a person’s life in such a way that their health can be greatly compromised. Aetna recognizes that and provides coverage for integrated care which allows a disease management program to be tailored to the individual’s unique needs. This includes those addressing behavioral issues and mental health conditions.

Pre-authorization is not required by Aetna for outpatient care. Inpatient care may require pre-authorization if the patient enters into a 28, 60, or 90 day inpatient addiction treatment program. When seeking Aetna coverage for video addiction, it is best to speak with an Aetna representative to ensure getting the most up to date information.