Aetna Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

By Admin User, January 20, 2016.

Aetna Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage

The Internet is a useful tool that allows individuals to stay connected with friends, family and co-workers. The problem is that many individuals also engage in non-essential Internet activities and sometimes develop compulsions to continue using tools that are not necessarily for their lifestyle. When the non-essential online usage leads to concerns about emotional health and well-being, an individual might need to seek treatment from a professional rehab and detox facility. Fortunately, Aetna insurance policies allow individuals to seek treatment for behavioral health concerns in an inpatient and outpatient facility as long as individuals comply with the standards of the policy.

Coverage for Behavioral Health

Aetna policies offer coverage for mental health disorders and behavioral health concerns, including compulsive online behaviors. By working with the insurance provider, individuals can enter an inpatient rehab and detox facility to work on the underlying causes of the behavior.

Compulsive online behavior does not always refer to abnormal activities or traditional compulsions like online gambling. It can also mean that an individual feels uncomfortable with the compulsions to check email, social media pages or constantly stay connected to an online source. It also refers to constantly updating a blog or using other online tools when it is not necessary.

Coverage from Aetna allows an individual to address the behavior and start making changes to the situation so that it does not cause any complications in a personal lifestyle.

Challenges Associated with Compulsive Internet Abuse

The problem with Internet addiction and compulsive behaviors related to the Internet is the use in normal life. Employers often require the use of online tools and individuals need to stay connected through email or other tools for work. The primary goal of treatment in an inpatient rehab and detox facility for Internet addiction is not to eliminate the behavior; instead, the individual attempts to limit non-essential online usage so that he or she engages in healthier patterns of behavior.

Aetna policies allow individuals to enter a rehab program and work on modifying personal behaviors as long as the individual complies with the standards in the policy.

Treating Internet Addiction

Internet addiction impacts many men, women and teenagers each year, but entering an inpatient or outpatient rehab program allows individuals to detox from the behavior and make positive changes. The key to the recovery process in an inpatient rehab or detox program is focusing on healthier behaviors without eliminating necessary Internet activities for work or school.