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How I Stay Sober at Weddings

After each wedding reception in sobriety, just like delivering a kick-ass presentation at work or following through on a promise, I’d get a jolt of newfound confidence. They take practice to survive.

The Scary Truth about Painkillers for People in Recovery

Best-selling author and graduate professor at MIT, Seth Mnookin, chronicles his recent experience as a surgery patient at Massachusetts General Hospital where they did nothing to warn of the potential risks associated with the use of painkillers for people in recovery.

Am I In Trouble When I Have Drinking Dreams?

Nothing rattles me like a drinking dream. I’ll lie there in bed, with my brain scrambling to figure out if it was real or not. Once or twice, I’ve cried first thing in the morning, realizing that I’m still actually sober.

I Don’t Miss The Drinking, But I Miss The Chaos

My life became a parade of waking up on strange couches, making empty apologies and going to endlessly insane lengths to make lies true. I genuinely miss the feeling that life didn’t have consequences.

Stop Judging My Program, Please

No one knows somebody else's program, except maybe their sponsor. So, no one should be judging them based on the “seen and be seen” meetings they attend, or how many sponsees they have.

What's the Future of Addiction Treatment?

Focusing on prevention efforts alone isn’t going to get us ahead in the fight against substance abuse.The best possible approach is to look at substance abuse through the same lens doctors look at other chronic diseases like, say, diabetes.

Top Ten List

I have had two step-brothers addicted to drugs, heroin to be in fact.